Thursday, March 26, 2009

Impact Tip - Jump into spring!

It's getting nicer and nicer around Chicago, thank goodness! A great way to make an impact is with your time. This spring, see if you can find some time to help out local stewardship groups in beautifying Chicagoland! I am going on Sunday to help plant and weed a meadow to encourage native flowers to grow and get rid of pesky exotics at Nichols Park Wildflower Meadow (1355 E. 53rd St.)! I am really looking forward to being outside again and working in the field.

If anyone wants to join me, send me an email or call me and I can give you more info. Or check out this site and chose your own date and time to go out and help. This is also a great activity to do as a couple or a family, make a day of it!

I will show some pictures of my experience next week, please feel free to share yours with me as well!

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