Thursday, June 26, 2008

Impact Tip - VIP

Back to the impact tips, I apologize for the interruption last week but I'm back! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there is something new brewing at Vrai that I am excited to be a part of and announce....soon! :) But first, I want to introduce a VIP that I am so excited to partner with and feel so blessed to know. Stay tuned next week to meet our third partner in crime...

Jacklyn Greenberg is a very talented photographer in CT and has a similar philosophy on keeping the business green and living her life in a conscious way. So much that she has custom built an off road vehicle that she and her partner can live, travel, and shoot in to minimize their impact on their business. Its brilliant and really cool and I just might have to get one myself one of these days ;)

Here are the specs copied right from her blog: I recommend that you also check out her blog, travel pics, and website. She is a really unique spirit!

Specs on the greenmobile:

* Ford E-350 1 Ton, GVWR 9,500
* 6.0L Diesel
* Advanced Adapters Atlas II All Gear Driven Transfer Case
* Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle
* Dana 60 Rear Axle
* High Knuckle Front End for Extra Tie Rod Clearance
* Extra Heavy Duty Steering Arm
* Horizontal Drag Link Eliminates Bump Steer
* Spicer 1350 One-Ton Rated Driveline Components
* Limited Slip, or Locking Differentials
* Partial Military Wrap Springs Designed Specifically for a Sportsmobile Conversion.
* Manufactured by Sportsmobile West Inc.

Vehicle Dimensions/Characteristics
Length: RB 211.9” EB 231.9”
Width: 79.3”
Track Width: (Front/Rear) 70.5” / 70.5”
Height w/Penthouse: 91.8”
Wheel Base: 140.3”
Ground Clearance (Van Center): 16.5”
Approach / Departure Angle: 44º / 32º
Towing Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Turning Circle: 49’ 2” curb to curb
Wheel Travel: (Front) 22” nom. (Sway Bar Disconnected)

Equipment Specifications
Engine: 6.0L Diesel
Transmission: 4R100 / Torqshift 5-speed
Transfer Case: Atlas II (3.0 or 3.8:1 gear ratio)
Axle Gear Ratio: 4.10:1 (Towing Package)
Tires/Rims: BFGAT LT285/75R16 (35” nom.)
Suspension: Partial Military Wrap Leaf Shackle System
Front Sway Bar: Standard 1.38” Dia. With Quick Disconnect System

To top it off, they also have solar panel hookups to charge our batteries and they are soon going to convert it to biodiesel and eventually a full conversion to a completely environmentally friendly - extremely low impact vehicle! This means that JAG Studios will be a completely green mobile hardcore off-road studio! AND they have a pure sine inverter that allows us to run a full dual monitor Mac Pro system, strobes, printers, the works!

And of! These are all taken of Jacklyn's blog with her permission :)

Here is Jacklyn

Stay tuned next week to see who our other partner in crime is ;)

Galen and Adrian

I am so excited to be working with Galen and Adrian, they have a beautiful love and a long life together already! They have a wonderful intimacy that I had the privilege of capturing. And they are implementing many green options into their wedding so that is exciting too. Looking forward to the wedding :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jenni and Jared

This weekend I got a change of pace and headed up to MI to shoot Jenni and Jared's wedding. I am so glad they brought me up, it was such a great time! The weather was trying to make me look bad because I have never had a ceremony rained out but just in time it cleared up to perfectly sunny skies so my streak is still going! :)

But with the rain, comes some fun moments!
This I was told is a Michigan Tech specialty and please correct me if I am wrong, but they are spicy pickled eggs and they looked dangerous! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ying Yang Workshop

This week I am at the Ying Yang workshop and it has exceeded my expectations but kept me very busy!! I will post some pictures soon and in the meantime, I will get back to my usual impact tip posts next week!

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for some fun pictures of some really great people. Tonight Tyler Wirken is in town for his birthday so I am off to celebrate with him :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beth and Jason

Beth and Jason got married at the Cuneo Museum yesterday and it turned out to be a beautiful day...barely made it down the aisle before the rain, but they made it! :) It was the perfect place for these two architects and I am so happy they chose us to capture their special day!

Stephenie and Mark

Maybe some of you remember Stephenie and Mark, they were the VERY close runner ups in my contest and I am lucky enough to get to work with them anyway! I thought it was so fun that Stephenie wore green shoes to the shoot. I had such a good time getting to know them better and I can't wait for their green wedding next spring :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Impact Tip - Travelin' blues

With gas prices higher than ever, you might think you are sticking around town this summer but I found an article on A Fresh Squeeze, a local online newsletter with green info for Chicago and Seattle, that suggested some great options for getting away and not spend all of your money on gas and help the environment too!

Apparently you can get up to Ann Arbor, MI (Disclaimer: if you are a buckeye fan, look away :)) by Amtrack or Megabus in just over 4 hours, read a book, chat with friends, maybe even bring some work, and there are a ton of fun things waiting for you!

Some of the events and attractions include a Green Fair, Shakespeare in the Arb, and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

Check out this site for more ideas and fun!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Catherine and Brad

Friday, Cat and Brad were married at the Garfield Park Conservatory where they grew up going to on Sundays as a family. It was an intimate wedding and reception, at the Fitzgerald's Night Club, with no real agenda except to enjoy the day. Thank you for including us!

Waiting to see Brad for the first time, the fern room was the perfect backdrop for its sentimental value
A beautiful antique ring And a couple from Molly