Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beth and Jason

Beth and Jason got married at the Cuneo Museum yesterday and it turned out to be a beautiful day...barely made it down the aisle before the rain, but they made it! :) It was the perfect place for these two architects and I am so happy they chose us to capture their special day!


dave said...

love the use of color in the shot of the bride descending the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Live from St. Lucia we had to pause to check out the blog. Thanks Kristina, Molly, and Aaron! We are so excited to see the rest. ---Beth and Jason

Becca Spears said...

nice work tina
I can tell that you're seeing things from alternate points of view and taking the risk to not shoot safe. Impressive :)


Desination Photographer said...

Hi Tina! Your work is so beautiful and you have a real gift.