Monday, March 31, 2008

Jenny and Brian

My first wedding in 2008 was so much fun! A great way to start off the year, beautiful weather, fun couple and a great party...and a fun after party too! Jenny and Brian invited me to shoot some fun pics at National 27 downtown. Jenny had a great time with the resident salsa guys :)

Ceremony: St. Marks in Barrington Hills
Reception: Garfield Park Conservatory

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Impact Tip - Where you lay your head

With everyone talking real estate these days, I figured I would mention the many options in eco-friendly living. This is especially relevant topic to many of you deciding where you will live after the big day!

The Chicago Center for Green Technology is a living and working community and only the third building of its kind in the country to be fully dedicated to green living. They have implemented several innovative ideas to help reuse and recycle the water, sun, and energy a community needs. Check out what they have done and see what you can learn about the place you are looking to buy!

By using a green roof and water collection tanks, the building can reuse the water for watering the landscaping and reduce the amount of water the ends up in the sewer system. Water that runs off buildings and homes goes into the sewer and ultimately out into the lake. Before the water gets to the sewer, it collects pollutants like oil, gas, and garbage that it picks up from the street then carries it to the lake where the pollutants are deposited. This is so sad since our lake is one of our more beautiful attractions in the city. By implementing these ideas in your home, you can help reduce runoff to the sewers.

Solar power is a great way, although knowingly expensive, to add power to your home and have comEd paying you for electricity! Ask about them when looking for your new home.

Many people don't think about landscaping and how this can be more eco-friendly. By using native plants, you will be helping the local plants and animals by not introducing exotics into the neighborhood. Exotic plants can be detrimental to migrating species like butterflies and birds but not providing high sources of fiber and nutrition for their long journeys because these species are not adapted to their fruits, they can spread into nearby nature preserves and cause the local plants to go extinct. These plants will also save you money, since they are adapted to this climate and soil, they require less maintenance, no pesticides, and less water to keep alive.

These are just a few of the examples that you can learn from the Chicago Center for Green Tech. Happy hunting!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Las Vegas!

I am back from Vegas and just barely was an amazing week filled with friends and fun and really good climbing. I am so grateful for the time I had catching up with old friends and making new ones at the WPPI convention. Too many to name but you know who you are!! I didn't take any pictures of the convention but I do have a few from my climbing trip.

This was the best climbing trip of my life, good friends and great climbing, it doesn't get much better for me!

The gang...
Our new friend Aaron talking about a fun climb in typical climber fashion! Kadile and Steve working some beautiful 5.10's at the gallery. This is the only picture of me from the trip, working an unknown 5.10c in the black corridor. You can see how overhanging it is in the next two pictures of Val working the same route. Kadile manning up on a 5.10b slab that was pretty intimidating. Somewhere in Calico basin...

Impact Tip - World Water Week

It is World Water Week this week and local Chicago restaurants are teaming up to raise money for UNICEF and the enormously important task of providing clean drinking water to people in need. Water is something I think most of us take for granted but it is something that none of us can live without.

By requesting tap water instead of bottled at these restaurants through Sat, you can add $1 to your bill and that will go towards providing clean drinking water to people in need. Your donation will provide a child with 40 days of safe potable drinking water.

The lack of clean drinking water is the problem in many places. Without water treatment plants, many diseases are transmitted through water. Every 15 seconds, someone dies of a waterborne illness and 90% of deaths are children under the age of 5. Thirst Relief International is an organization also dedicated to providing clean drinking water to people in need. Check out these statistics for more information on this crisis and what you can do.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Off to Vegas...

This is one of my most fun and selfish weeks of the year so thank you to all my friends and clients for giving me this time to slack off :) Climbing is one of my all time favorite ways to spend my time so the opportunity to go with several of my closest friends is always a highlight for me. Then I get to go hang out with all my photographer friends who I only see once or twice a, I am excited! I will be back in the office next Thursday with a new Impact Tip!

Here are some pictures from last year in case you want to know where I am at and what I am up to...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Impact Tip - Jewelry with a conscience

My friend Emilie shared this information with me and I think it is something that can benefit everyone...great for gifts or wedding bands.

Dawes Design is a jewelry designer creating beautiful designs with recycled gold and conflict-free stones. The designs are truly unique and beautiful! There are some suggestions for bridal bands that are stackable and will really make a statement about your commitment and your style. Check out her site to learn more about her designs and impact.

I love this quote by the designer..."I want to add something to this world, not take it away. Becoming a mother has been the most profoundly meaningful and spiritual experience I have ever come to know. It has changed the way I perceive our future and how important it is to the commitment to a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle."

I am sure some, but not all of you, are aware of the conflict related to diamond mines and the intense resource extraction that is associated with gem mining. This website provides a brief summary of some of the issues surrounding diamond mining in Africa.

Currently there are many available gems already in the market that are used or in pieces that are no longer valued, those gems can be used to make new pieces thus reducing the need for more mining and the harsh side effects of the process.

So make and impact and support jewelers like Dawes Design!

Also, don't forget that the Brides Against Breast Cancer show is tomorrow and Saturday here in Chicago so check out their site for more details.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back from Texas...

What an amazing time, I am still recovering from the sleep deprivation but it was worth it. I am so blessed to be a part of this experience for a second time! Unfortunately I am horrible at taking pictures at these kinds of things because I just love to sit back and enjoy the experience and make the memories in my head...of course afterwards when I see everyone's amazing photos, I wish I had taken more :)

Needless to say, Foundation Workshop is a life changing event and I have never heard anyone else say anything less.

Here are just a few I shot at the carnival on the first night...

Joe Dickie and Jennifer Domenick on the megadrop!

Me climbing to the top of the climbing wall and up and over to get an nice overall, Ray from Apertura took this of me :)

Neil and the beautiful Aga

Greg Gibson, Bill Holland and Allegra and Ande on this crazy spinning machine! I don't know how they were spinning and shooting without getting sick!
Greg and Ande in a shoot off! Greg and Brooks laying down the ground rules my favorite Bill picture! He is so fun
Here is one that my friend Neil Cowley took of me one day as a portrait exercise, I love it! It is me.