Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back from Texas...

What an amazing time, I am still recovering from the sleep deprivation but it was worth it. I am so blessed to be a part of this experience for a second time! Unfortunately I am horrible at taking pictures at these kinds of things because I just love to sit back and enjoy the experience and make the memories in my head...of course afterwards when I see everyone's amazing photos, I wish I had taken more :)

Needless to say, Foundation Workshop is a life changing event and I have never heard anyone else say anything less.

Here are just a few I shot at the carnival on the first night...

Joe Dickie and Jennifer Domenick on the megadrop!

Me climbing to the top of the climbing wall and up and over to get an nice overall, Ray from Apertura took this of me :)

Neil and the beautiful Aga

Greg Gibson, Bill Holland and Allegra and Ande on this crazy spinning machine! I don't know how they were spinning and shooting without getting sick!
Greg and Ande in a shoot off! Greg and Brooks laying down the ground rules my favorite Bill picture! He is so fun
Here is one that my friend Neil Cowley took of me one day as a portrait exercise, I love it! It is me.


emilie inc. said...

I can't stop looking at that portrait of you, Tina! Neil nailed it! It's perfect! Worth the effort indeed!

Loved being your roomie for the week and I miss you & Molly dearly. Can't wait to see you in Vegas in two weeks!!!


Aga said...

Yeah, That portrait is awesome! No- beautiful, no- cool...oh gosh-it's you - you're all this and then more! Not to mention lovely and crazy fun to hang out with!

Ray Soemarsono said...

Miss ya, Tina. Glad to have captured you in your element. :-)

Nancy said...

that looks like the vrai tree!! i love it!!

Neil Cowley said...

Well next time anyone thinks twice about getting in front of my lens, I'll just have them call you to relay all the dodging techniques you used. Good thing I was driving!

I loved the one of brooks and Greg - big boss guys - ha!!

Charlotte Geary said...

Oh how fun! I might have to go next year! I love the pic of you at the top of the climbing wall, and your yoga portrait is awesome!

Hollye said...

awesome image and fantastic lighting!
I don't know if my last comment went through...if not I just wanted to share with you some recent yoga pix I think you would enjoy...

hope to meet you in the future.