Thursday, March 12, 2009

Impact Tip - What to throw and not have to throw away!

I have seen a lot of really cute ideas out there that make really fun pictures for that all special announcement of the couple just after the wedding. Of course bubbles and streamers and flowers are great but can be costly and leave lots of unwanted consider this new idea!

This came to me from a bride that is planning her green wedding in May, some of you may remember her, Stephenie, she was EXTREMELY close to winning my green wedding contest and lucky for me, I get to shoot her wedding too!

She is tossing lavender buds which I think is such a fun idea! Not only are they biodegradable and harmless to animals, they also release a fresh scent of spring as they are stepped on as people say their congrats and hellos! I just loved this idea so I had to share. She got them here!

I can't wait for a fun shot like these with this unique and green idea! Way to go Stephenie!

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Christina said...

Great post Kristina. I came across this website and thought of you Eco letterpress invitations! They use wind powered letterpress. How cool is that?!