Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Testimony...impact tips are making a difference!

I was excited to see a post on the blog the other day that recognized our efforts and even made a difference in how this girl thinks about being more eco-friendly. Here is her quote...

"Kristina you come up with such great ideas. You've inspired me to start thinking more ecologically! Where do you find all these great things?"

Thanks Christina! And to answer your question, I am just searching all the time for new ideas and they are not my own, but I am happy to be a resource that brings them together for people in Chicago. I have many websites that I browse regularly that help me find great tips including Ideal Bite, Protovert, eco-chic weddings, The Green Bride Guide, Everything Green Weddings, and more...

Contact me anytime you are looking for something special or have found a tip you want to share and I will post about it!

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