Thursday, March 19, 2009

Impact Tip - Wind-powered letterpress eco-invites!

Thank you Christina for sending in this great tip! I love to share info my readers find and this is really cool! Bella Figura is an eco-friendly invitation company that uses wind-power letter press and tree-less paper for their invites. They are beautiful and very stylish!

A little about them..."In our Central New York print shop, we create unique letterpress wedding invitations the old-fashioned way, using vintage cast-iron presses, the best paper, time, patience, perfection, and a whole lot of love. Because we want to make the world a better place, we're a wind-powered, carbon neutral, and eco-friendly letterpress shop, and we donate 1% of sales to environmental causes. We print our custom wedding invitations only on 100% cotton (tree-free) paper that's made exclusively for us in a historic European paper mill. Our letterpress wedding invitation designs, our commitment to the planet, and our expert and attentive service have garnered us a national and international following."

Photos courtesy of Bella Figura


emilie inc. said...

Yes! This is where I got my invites printed too!

Christina said...

So glad you posted this! You've inspired me so much with your dedication to being eco-friendly. Thanks Kristina!