Thursday, January 10, 2008

Impact Tip - Week 2

You never know where you will meet someone. At a wedding I shot in August, I met a wonderful woman named Shawna Coronado.

Shawna has personally seen the dramatic improvements in her healthy as she lives her life in a healthy, sustainable way. So much so, that she left her high-paying marketing life and traded it to be an activist in her area for promoting a healthy lifestyle for herself, her family, her community, and her planet! I am proud to know her and help her out on new projects that she is working on. She is coming out with a book, a web TV program and already writes a column for her local paper in Warrenville. Be on the lookout for her amazing tips and inspiring stories.

She has great advice about getting out and volunteering in your community!

Check it out!

And here's a photo from my personal gallery that I hope will inspire people to get out and see this beautiful land!

Redwoods National Park, Northern California.

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