Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Molly Grace shoots Shaina & Grant's New Year's Wedding

I was so excited to welcome the New Year in with Shaina and Grant and their families! I told the grooms mom, it was like, the party you'd always dreamed of going to, and very, " When Harry met Sally " style! (remember all those parties in that movie) This party was dressed to the nines, Grant's mom, Mrs. Law, designed the decor and had a crew of friends and family to make this party over the top fun. Shaina and Grant were as sweet as ever, they were excited to be with each other and excited to join their friends on the dance floor, just like it should be. Also if anyone would like to purchase the decor, for their bash, it's available just let us know.

Venue Bolingbrook Golf Club
DJ Music Mania Inc.
Photo Booth First Class PhotoBooth
Make up Monica Ruban and Gabby Lejeck
Florist MiKim from Wildflower

Grant's cousin carried his Grandma to the dance floor for a special birthday dance, she was celebrating her 90 Birthday that night!


Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! I attended the wedding, had a ball! like you, and am wowed by your abilities. It was my mom's 90th, so thanks for posting that picture. Shaina and Grant are the nicest couple and you've managed to capture that in just the few photos on your site. Can't wait to see more with Debbie. Pati

Cin said...

I have to say I met Molly Grace almost a year ago and when I saw her work for the first time it took my breath away. When my niece Shaina told me she was having Molly do her wedding I was thrilled. Just these few photos show what a true artist Molly is. Shaina & Grant are a beautiful couple and the memories Molly has captured will take everyone's breath away. Looking forward to seeing more. Cindy