Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Mentor Marathon

To all you photographers out there or just aspiring photographers, there is going to be a mentor marathon on Wednesday where you can possibly get your images critiqued or just listen in and ask questions as some of the most notable photographers in the wedding business critique other photographers. This is THE best way to learn and improve in my opinion so sign up as it is closed after the 75 participants due to the technology of dimdim.

One session is $100 and 100% of proceeds go to Haiti relief efforts. This is too great to miss! Click on the picture below to find out more info on facebook. Or if the link isn't working just look for Mentoring Marathon 4 Haiti

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Trideep said...

Hi Kristina,

Its great to see that you are using Dimdim to mentor budding photographers and are also raising funds for Haiti relief efforts.

Good Luck,
Trideep | Dimdim
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