Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010 and time for some resolutions!

I have a very specific memory as a middle-schooler of my mom telling me the importance of goals...followed by me rolling my eyes in typical teenage fashion thinking that somehow at 13 I knew more than her! Well despite my need to do it my own way, I filed that information in the back of my brain and put it into practice a short while later and she was right, setting goals is such a great way to stay on track or make changes to your life or routine.

So every year I sit down and think of all my goals in life, health, business, whatever category I can think of and when then I get to work. Sadly my goal list was the least checked off it's ever been for 2009 but I have an excuse...I had a baby! And clearly no idea just how much work it is to be a mom. So this year I will make my list, cut it in half and then maybe it will be a little more realistic :)

So I encourage all my readers to start the new year by making just 12 changes (that's only 1 a month!) to help the planet, your community or even just yourself to be a healthy, happy place/you!

Here are 12 ideas to start you off:
1. Terrapass (probably the easiest way to make an impact) and carbon offset your life!

2. Green City Market: Still open at the Peggy Notebart Museum all winter, help local farmers!

3. Volunteer: Your local Nature Conservancy Chapter is always looking for volunteers and of course hundreds of volunteer opportunities around.

4. Plan an eco-friendly party to show others that you care. Don't we all have at least one party to throw this year (bday, baby shower, bridal shower)? There are tons of tips just on this blog.

5. Start keeping reusable bags in the trunk or carry with you so you don't have to use the plastic ones from the store.

6. Of course we can all stand to drive less so take public transportation at least 10% more than you do now and see how it makes a difference or just carpool!

7. Start a compost (I know this is hard if you live in the city and you already have litter boxes stinking up your apartment! haha but if you can, do!)

8. Dispose of all your electronics and batteries properly and recycle them including your ink cartridges. I always see that car in the burbs driving around that does this for you so take advantage. These people will pay you for them!

9. Aaron's contribution: shorter showers!

10. Turn your thermostat down (I know I hate this one, I like to be warm and cozy in a t-shirt but that's no good!)

11. Avoid farm-raised salmon and eat less meat (also hard but good).

12. Saving the best for last, take a class with I Want to Walk the Talk and support a local non-profit designed to get you active in your community.

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