Friday, June 12, 2009

Jewel and Adam's Wedding

I will never forget Jewel and Adam's wedding day, I went into labor that night! The sad part was that I was not able to shoot the whole wedding but luckily I had a great team behind me including my great friend Chad Husar of Husar Photography and Aaron and Molly.

Jewel and Adam are incredibly thoughtful and kind people. They incorporated environmentally friendly and community supportive vendors into the planning of their wedding. I was fortunate enough that the baby waited until after the wedding to come so I could stop by and visit and shoot for a couple hours and Aaron didn't have to leave too! :)

For planning, they used So Stacy who can help you plan a green wedding.

For invitations, they used Kristie Lee Wagner of Anjenu who offers green stationary and she is an excellent designer as well which you can see below!

Other vendors include the Cake Girls, Food for Thought, Old St. Pats, and the Adler Planetarium.

I love this shot Aaron got of the dress, such a great way to incorporate the room and show a detail in a different way. I love this shot Chad got of Jewel getting ready, such beautiful light and a great moment! This is another great shot by Chad, such a sweet look by Adam when he sees Jewel for the first time I was excited to be able to come to the wedding and see Jewel and Adam and have a couple moments to get a few pics of my own I love this shot that Aaron got of Jewel and Adam, great framing using very Adler architecture I love this detail by Molly, a very Molly shot :) This is a great shot by Molly with a nice moment combined with great lines. Here are some of the details Aaron literally climbed the outside of the building to get this unique view! Nice having a climber on staff!

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