Monday, June 29, 2009

Molly Grace Shoots Julie & Gerald!

What fun to have a wedding on a Monday! What an awesome way to begin the week and first of day of the rest of your life. I was so anticipating photographing Julie and Gerald's wedding for the experience of witnessing the rich Chinese culture and traditions. We had such a great and full day, a ceremony, a reception, followed by a tea ceremony and a delicious twelve -course Chinese dinner. Julie and Gerald and their awesome families were so fun and welcoming to me and Arron as we joined their family for the day and celebrated with them.

Make up - by none other than the amazing Sonia Roselli
Reception - by the gorgeous and beautiful Chicago Illuminating Company
Ceremonies - by the well spoken Terrance Brady
Flowers - by the fabulous Flowers of Paradise
Music - by the jammin' Toast and Jam
Food - by the well presented Food for Thought
Love the details!

Gerald's first look at Julie!

The custom of the Bride exiting her home, Julie's grandmother giving her blessings by throwing rice and pennies on the bride.

What an amazing friends and family Julie has, everyone is helping her bustle.

The tea ceremony, Gerald's Dad got the first sip.

Ah, what a beautiful bride and an adoring groom

Julie and Gerald and their families toasted each table!

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Gerald & Julie said...

Molly Grace and Arron were absolutely awesome! Thanks for everything! Our friends and family adored you!