Monday, June 29, 2009

Jenica and David

Jenica and David had a french themed wedding at Marche in the West Loop. I love the french and the culture so this was a real treat.

Getting ready: W City Center Hotel
Make Up: Rachel Reiman
Ceremony: St. Francis Xavier
Reception: Marche
Flowers: Suzanne Connor Design
DJ: Elite DJs
Cigar Rolling: Cigar Catering

Not exactly what you want to happen when the maid of honor is holding the bottle! I love this shot as I wandered outside the sanctuary I caught a glimpse of the reflection of their initials through the glass windows at the front of the church framing the couple perfectly in the background! And a special treat, there was a photo booth at the wedding with real film prints so while everyone was eating, we took advantage. So big thanks to Jenica and David for some of our first family photos and my mom for bringing Ayla down during dinner :)

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tasha herrgott said...

I love the spinning in the street shot! And how special to see some family pictures - how cute are you guys?!?! Thanks for sharing!