Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colleen and Tom's green wedding in Tahoe

As many of you remember, last year in celebration of my new brand, I held a contest for the most green wedding. After several entries and thousands of votes, Colleen and Tom were chosen by popular vote. A huge thanks to Carmen Salazar who came out to help in my still-recovering state and of course Aaron for pushing himself to help cover what I could not.

Last weekend, their wedding was finally here. Here is a link to Colleen and Tom's site where they list their green ways:

For a quick review:
* Vintage postcard invites instead of the traditional multiple-cards-within-envelopes-within cards-plus-tissue-paper scenario
* Guests received DIY carbon offsets, and we are going to plant trees on our friends' property while we're there.
* Some favors are organic, ethically-traded, and a portion of their cost goes to protect species, habitat and humanity.
* The bride's engagement ring originally belonged to Tom's grandmother Edna "Teddie" Shoaf.
* The bride wore a vintage dress, vintage shoes, and a veil worn by her mother and aunt.
* Bridesmaids are choosing dresses they will wear again.
* Rehearsal dinner will be held at Mamasake, a Cal-Asian sushi restaurant, which uses an eco-friendly fish supplier, uses organic ingredients when available, and offers numerous vegetarian and vegan choices.
* Reception food: quality veg options and organic wine
* Flowers were organically grown
* They chose sustainable items for the registry.
* Bridesmaid's gifts included handmade grocery totes, seeds, and old books upcycled into journals
* Ceremony and reception were at the same venue and the ceremony was held outdoors.
And some more pics of the day, I love this shot of Colleen while she is waiting for Tom to get out of her bridal suite :)


Colleen said...

LOVE these! A few updates on the green aspect-- the food didn't quite pan out to be local or organic, but we still had the veg dish and the wine was organic.
My veil was my mother's, this was its third time worn in a wedding, my aunt Janet also wore it back in the day.
Bridesmaids got homemade Tahoe grocery totes, garden seeds, and old books upcycled into journals (by
Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks again, hope you enjoyed the trip!

therese said...

These are gorgeous shots!!!Kristina, you and Carmen and Aaron did an amazing job! I'm with Colleen- I can't wait to see the rest!!

And the fact that you came out so soon after having a baby makes you even more amazing. Congratulations!