Monday, May 11, 2009

Stephenie and Mark's Green Wedding!

If you follow this blog, then you remember my green wedding give-a-way last year. Stephenie and Mark came in a VERY close second and I just couldn't let them walk away empty handed. We worked out a nice runner up discount and the relationship started there. They have been so fun and inspiring to work with and I am so impressed with how thoughtful they were in preparing for their wedding and sharing their love of sustainability with their friends and family.

The full list of their wedding and details can be found on their wedding website here but I will give you a run down here too.

They started out using the website to give people information and forgoing any save-the-dates. Their invitations were designed by friend Kendra Leigh Creative and were printed on recycled paper, with a tear off rsvp postcard. No envelopes required! Here are the programs as well which are made from recycled paper. The dress was made of natural earth-friendly materials and will be recycled to make baptismal gowns for their children the way her mom did with her wedding dress for Stephenie and Jenny. After the wedding they tossed lavender buds as a sustainable and fragrant option from Then off to the reception at the Garfield Park Conservatory which was chosen for its historic landmark in Chicago as a place to go and learn about the community and how to incorporate sustainability and plants in your life. Pictured below are some other details.
Green shoes!!! maybe not eco-friendly but a very cute touch :)
They used Limelight Catering who have organic food options.
Reclaimed barn wood used as table settings and the cake holder (the cake even looked like wood!)
Used house numbers for the table settings
Expired coffee beans that will be ground and used for fertilizer
Soy candles with rented or borrowed holders
In lui of favors, donations were made to NAMI and American Cancer Society
And gift bags using recycled grocery bags for the guests! Last but not least, ME! Our green initiatives and giving back program are part of their plans to make their wedding eco-friendly and here are some more pictures, which are my main contribution to the day. Shannon showing Mark how its done :)

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Anonymous said...

Some of the best wedding photography that i think i have ever seen! not that i'm by any means a pro or educated critic, just been to alot of weddings. very tasteful, very professional photographers, just wonderful

brother of the groom