Friday, May 15, 2009

Our new studio!

As some of you know, we recently moved to a bigger studio and it was tough finding the perfect place but after much searching, we found it! We can't wait to meet all our clients in our new space.

Our last space, while very rustic and contemporary, just was too energy inefficient and that was our primary concern in finding the new place. This place has very high effeciency windows that run throughout the unit allowing good airflow during the spring-fall but keeping heat in during the winter. It faces Northeast so the sun does warm it in the morning but doesn't bake the unit requiring extra energy to keep cool.

All the furniture is either donated, made, or antique (reused!) and I am slowly building my collection of plants that are both functional (herbs) or just nice to look at and keep the air clean :)

We wanted to paint it so we chose Fresh Aire paints which are the only eco-friendly, family friendly paint out there. Overall the colors were good and there was no smell but it was not the best coverage paint I have ever used, but I am no professional either :)

So hopefully we will see you here soon! And the best part...the view! Here are some of Aaron's shots of the view


tasha herrgott | dolce said...

Tina! I love it!!! Congratulations to you guys! I hope all is well!

malia said...

I LOVE the new place... great view:)

The H's said...

beautiful! LOVE the view. i still feel very honored to be included in your studio!! ;) we hope you are feeling well...i know baby is due very soon. can't wait to see pics! and if i forgot to thank you for the earth day chocolates.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. i'm an awful wife, i didn't share with john! :) you're so thoughtful.

Candice@CusicPhoto said...

Amazing job, Tina! Your space is gorgeous!!

Mandy Byron said...

Looks awesome Tina! That baby must be coming any day now, or has! I can't wait to hear! We can share our trials. I can't believe almost 4 months have passed since I had Cooper. You are going to be a wonderful mommy :)