Friday, September 12, 2008

Shimul and Axel

Today I had the privilege of shooting Shimul and Axel's very intimate outdoor ceremony at the Morton Arboretum. I know, it rained, but that didn't stop them from enjoying every minute of it! Also, Axel is from Sweden and his parents came all the way from there for the ceremony. It rains a lot in Sweden so it really is considered good luck to have "rain in your hair" on your wedding day and I am sure these two will have wonderful times together.

I love this shot, it made me laugh out loud when I got it. I took a tip from a favorite photographer of mine who says, "when you are thinking about what pictures to take, ask yourself wouldn't it be cool if blank happened? then look for that photo and take it." That was the instantaneous thought and execution of this photo and I think it is pretty hilarious I thought this was a great place to shoot a portrait of Axel because this is the type of scene you might see in Sweden

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David Wittig Photography said...

Tina, fantastic work on this one! They are original and beautifully composed and exposed.