Thursday, September 25, 2008

Impact Tip - Eco-friendly camera bags!

This tip is for all my photographer friends and all the clients that have decided they want to be a photographer now! :) My friend August found these and I think I will have to get one of these for day to day camera bags when I am out shooting.

Check them out here!

A description from the article about the bags:
"All bags in the series are constructed of 100% post-consumer, recycled Cyclepet® exterior fabric, using the equivalent of 2½ bottles in the smallest model to 22 bottles in the largest while conserving landfill, energy and crude and refined oil. The spacer mesh, providing a lean yet sturdy layer of protection, is 60% recycled PET. Terraclime’s hardware (including hook closures and zippers) is comprised of plastic regrind, recycled and repurposed industrial trimmings saved from the factory floor.

Adding to the eco-friendly construction is a targeted cause: a portion of the proceeds of each Terraclime will go directly to Polar Bears International (PBI) to support their efforts to save polar bear habitats from the impact of climate change."

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Ryland said...

I too have this kind of camera bag!!