Thursday, April 10, 2008

Impact Tip - Invitations

An invitation to a wedding is exciting to pick out and receive. It is your guests first impression of the type of event you are planning. And it is your first opportunity to show them your commitment to minimizing your impact to the environment.

Obviously the most eco-friendly choice is to not have invitations and use a website to keep track of rsvp's and ceremony and reception information but that is not practical for every event.

There are many options out there for paper invitations, but I was recently introduced to Heather and her eco-friendly wedding invitation business and I was very impressed. Not only with her designs and her product, but also with Heather herself. She is truly dedicated to making a difference and such a delight to be around.

Some details about her invitations:
1. Luxurious 95# Cover
2. Elegant finish with sharp color reproduction
3. 100% Recycled / 50% Post-Consumer Waste
4. Processed Chlorine Free
5. Ancient Forest Friendly
6. Green-e Certified

And a few pics...

For more information check out the website at

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emilie inc. said...

Ohhh... very cool! Thanks for sharing, Tina!