Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back from OR and WA and home for good...

Well wedding season is here and now I will be staying put in Chicago for awhile. Thank you to everyone for your patience in anything you needed. I had a great time visiting friends and taking pictures. Today its climbing, tomorrow I will post some pictures of Oliver and his mom :)

This is at Exit 38 in Washington with my very good friends Bonnie and Val.

I just loved Bonnie's socks! Typically we don't climb in socks but we were pretty cold!
I have never climbed on granite before, it was very different but I LOVE it...can't wait for more! This crag was interesting, right off a bike path so bikers would ride by while we climbed and if you turned around, you were looking right at the mountains! Bonnie making the clip, the original +1

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