Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from Kentucky and off to Oregon

My birthday trip to the Red River Gorge was a huge success! A great way to kick off my 30's! Me, August (mayor awesome), and Kadile, each pushing ourselves to the limit and enjoying the beautiful weather and great company.

It was a long drive down there, so I had some fun with my camera...the mayor drove :)

We headed off to Muir Valley and climbed a bunch of 10's and an 11a.
Finally a few pics of me! Thanks August :) This is the infamous Miguel's, best pizza I have ever had. And a favorite hang out for climbers. Now this was fun! A new experience...night climbing. We headed out to the crag with only headlamps to light the way. It was hard to get pictures because as you can see it is pitch black out there! The bottom picture is Kadile pulling a roof, a superhero move, with only a headlamp to see where you are going. It was so fun. As I was cleaning the gear off the route it started pouring! I got down just in time and we hiked out in the rain, good timing! :)

And so I am off again to Portland, OR and Seattle for a week to shoot and see some friends. I will be busy working there but also enjoying the nice scenery....and maybe sneaking in some climbing :) So thank you for your patience while I am out. I will do my best to keep up with my email and phone messages and post lots of pictures when I get back!


Anna Kuperberg said...

Wow, those climbing photos are amazing!

becca spears said...

happy birthday! Look at that strength! I love the one where you're looking up at the rock with a smile on your face. Like you're in love :)