Thursday, August 21, 2008

Impact Tip - Local Eco-Fashion and jewelry

Yesterday I visited Pivot, Chicago's first eco-fashion boutique based on a recommendation from fellow photographer Nancy Beale of David Wittig Photography. Pivot is all about providing great fashion using a variety of fabric choices including organic cotton and wools, bamboo, recycled materials, and ethically produced cashmere. Jessa's goal with the boutique is to show people that they don't have to make sacrifices for great fashion. There are many conscious choices and she does a fantastic job of providing a variety of choices from clothes, to purses, to jewelry, to candles!

These purses actually have solar panels in them to charge your phone and other pda's
Dave and Nancy are having their rings designed from one of the local jewelry designers, Kate of Twig Designs, who is featured in the boutique. She is using all recycled materials for her jewelry. I am so excited they have chosen this route for their wedding bands. These rings will be unique and original just like them! This top sweater was made using recycled materials! Every tag on the back states why that article is eco-friendly so you can have all the background on your items :)

Be sure to head over there soon! It's in the west loop off of Fulton Market.

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Nancy said...

Great Impact tip!! I love this store, and am so glad you featured it on your blog :)