Monday, August 25, 2008

Carrie and David

This was a busy weekend but it ended wonderfully with Carrie and David's wedding. It was a fabulous event at Carnivale. It was simple and elaborate if that makes sense :) There was a real sense of ease and happiness between Carrie and David and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Other shout out's: big thanks to Tony Cabrera for helping out, Phillip's for the beautiful flowers, the staff at Carnivale, and David and Chris from Sounds Abound (who I recognized and couldn't figure out from where, turns out they are fellow climbers at my gym...small world, they were awesome!).

I think this picture really encapsulates the mood of the day, have fun and carefree, Carrie didn't know what to do with all that dress, she just grabbed it all and did her thing...with a diet coke in hand of course! I love this picture of David entering the ceremony, I could barely see him over the crowd :) One extra picture to show off this amazing cake that Carrie and David designed themselves, they are very artistic.

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Bob Davis said...

Hi Tina,

Nice shoot, I love your sense of space and color, cool.