Thursday, July 3, 2008

Impact Tip -VIP Part 2

As promised, I am revealing another partner in crime in my new collaboration to make an impact. The other notable is the actual instigator, Patrick Williams of PWP. I met Patrick at the LaCour workshop last summer and it just goes to show how it all comes full circle. I was able to go to the workshop because of a donation I made to Thirst Relief which was started by the first person to ever tell me that I could make it in this business and thus gave me the confidence to do it. It just boggles my mind sometimes how each small act of kindness can bring another positive impact in my life and the life of others, and so here I am, teaming up with Patrick and Jacklyn and I may not have met them had it not been for one persons act of kindness...but I digress, this is about Patrick :)

Patrick has recently realized that there are better ways to be professional and serious about his passion without wasting numerous resources. His enthusiasm and dedication to researching new methods of shipping, presentation, carbon offsets for what he can't change, and innovative ideas on completely new products that will reduce impact and improve presentation blew me away when I went to Atlanta to visit him just a few weeks ago. He is new to this whole green thing and he couldn't be more excited to learn, which truly makes me excited that with the right information, other people will be equally enthusiastic about making some changes.

Here is an excerpt from his website about his changes including his company policy at the end:

Reusable polymer stamps with soy-based inks are taking the place of paper address and logo stickers with adhesive backing. Recycled flats are taking the place of photo boxes. Recycled cardboard boxes take the place of new ones, and we are using the boxes shipped to us (product boxes, photo order boxes, personal purchases) for outgoing packages whenever possible. Packing materials look a LOT different now - we are re-using every plastic bag, piece of kraft paper, peanut, bubble wrap, and shredded office paper we can to fill outgoing boxes.

After all - recycling is good, but re-using is better!

And that is just the beginning, Patrick has been making an impact for years with his Flashes of Hope project. This is truly touching, this organization comes in to hospitals and photographs children that are fighting cancer and other life threatening diseases. This is a beautiful demonstration of the small amount of effort it takes to make an impact. Check it out, there are volunteer opportunities in many cities.

Patrick loves the fisheye and he said that was one of his signature looks, he uses it well. Check out his blog for more on Patrick!

Stay tuned to see what I am up too :)

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