Thursday, July 24, 2008

Impact Tip - Finally the big news!

So some of you savy bloggers may have figured out by now that myself, Patrick and Jacklyn (the other VIP's) were up to something green and you are right. We have started a new blog featuring ways and tips for photographers to do something good for their business and lifestyle...MAKE AN IMPACT :)

This blog is geared towards ALL kinds of photographers as a resource to "green" up your business, find out what other photographers in the industry are doing to make an impact, fun random tips to save green, business ideas, and much, much more. This will be beneficial to your business if you are interested in making your studio green as we will have a green certification and resource list available for prospective clients to find a eco-friendly photographer.

We have a forum for people to communicate ideas, a gallery to look at pretty pictures of nature :), lots of links to find even more ideas, and just a fun place to go when you have time to waste while you are waiting for your latest photos to batch for example ;)

There are already several posts from all the ecophotogs including our first VIP interview with Anna Kuperburg!

So go check it out, add it to your blog roll, and tell me what you think! Ecophotog Blog

And for your amusement ecophotogs in the morning after talking about this all night in Atlanta :)

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Becky Hill Photo said...

Hey Tina,
The Eco Blog is fantastic!
Love the ideas on how photographers can make a positive impact on our environment. Yeah for recycled packing materials! xo