Thursday, July 30, 2009

Impact Tip - Our impact

I am making this two impact tip's in one since I missed the last one! As you know, we are continually striving to find new products, helpful hints, and great ideas for living and planning green. This doesn't stop with you. We also are always looking for ways to lessen the impact of our business on the environment!

Two new things we have done recently is restructure our back up system for stored photos and files and get new eco-friendly CD and DVD cases for CD/DVD products.

We are now using hard drives to double back up all data to reduce the use of DVD's which will save us all that plastic and storage space to save them. The drives we found are 40% more energy efficient. Here is what Fantom had to say about them...

"Fantom Drive's GreenDrive yields an average drive power savings of 4-5 watts over competitors' drives while maintaining solid performance. That power savings equates to reducing CO2 emission by up to 60 kilograms per drive per year – the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 14 days each year, and saving up to $14 per year in electricity costs depending on the power-on-hours."

So if you need a hard drive for work or home, look into Fantom!
Our friend Chad Husar found these and passed along the info. Thanks Chad!

Each case is hand made with organic paper, twine and an organic bead. They are shipped in recycled and reused paper too. So each one is unique!


Christina Brosnan said...

Thanks for the tip on Fantom! Can't wait to get my hands on one. I've started using the disk cases myself as well. Love them! Go Green! Love you girls!

David Wittig Photography said...

Great tip. These drives are also on sale right now. You can get a 1tb drive for $80!