Thursday, July 2, 2009

Impact Tip - baby gifts!

Next week I will be in KY with no internet access so I am doing my Impact Tip this week. I just wanted to share some of the great baby gifts we have gotten that are the ideal green baby gifts just in case you are looking for some ideas for a baby shower or a new little one in your life!

We got these great baby socks from our good friend Emilie of Emilie Inc. that are all organic cotton, we wear them all the time! Also, these awesome shoes from my good friend and old college roommate, Clare. She made these!! They are all recycled materials and she has many more designs. I can't wait to get more for the other babies coming soon and more for Ayla too :) Check them out at her etsy site SewSleepy gifts! And she made this little toy that will be great for when Ayla gets a little bigger.

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emilie inc. said...

It's killing me to not have met little Ayla yet, but I'm happy to know her little toes are well cared for (those shoes- Weecycle- how cute!). xo