Thursday, April 30, 2009

Impact Tip/Vendor Spotlight - Flowers with Feeling

Flowers are a significant part of any wedding celebration as they add life to the event and feeling and mood depending on what is chosen. They also make a big impact on how eco-friendly your wedding is because they often require shipping from very far away places, even as far as the tropics, and can require dozens of herbicides and pesticides to keep fresh or grow in their non-native environments. Finding a florist that works with you to help make your wedding more eco-friendly can be tough in Chicago but I recently found another great option, Flowers with Feeling!

Last week I met with Tammy and Jeff of Flowers with Feeling and we had such a good talk. I learned all about their eco-friendly practices, all the ones you won't find on their website. They are always looking for ways to reuse, reduce and recycle. They use recycled glass vases, soy candles, and they rent these items so they can be used again and again. They have biodegradable containers that you can literally plant in the ground after your event. Using potted plants is a great way to keep your wedding eco-friendly.

They buy their flowers as much as possible from local growers and use buyers to find other sustainable growers. 70-80% of their events use local and sustainably certified flowers. One thing I was surprised to learn was that sustainable grown flowers are not necessarily more expensive. The price difference is negligible depending on the type of flower you chose, not if it is sustainable and local or not. This is good news since a lot of eco-friendly products and services tend to be higher priced.

Tammy and Jeff value the client experience and Tammy will always be at your event and work with you from day 1 so there are no hoops to jump through and no dozens of people handling your order which cuts down on mistakes!

They also work with hotels and other corporate clients and offer an vase exchange program. Their clients buy the vases once, then get new vases every time their arrangement gets traded out for a new one. Keeping things fresh and reused!

Now for some photos!
Here is one of their recycled glass vases and soy candles.
This is the potted plant biodegradable container Here is an example of flower girl baskets they make from old runners or chuppahs, a great way to reuse! This lamp has an led-light which is more efficient then a normal bulb This is their showroom which they will use to show you how your tables will look Here is Marcy! She is their designer and really nice like everyone there! A view of the shop Everyone hard at work Another view of the recycled glass vases Lots of colors to go with any occasion Some branches to liven up your look Tammy and Jeff, here to help you!

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Misse said...

I am going to post a wedding that they did on Monday! They did a wonderful job and my bride was very happy.