Friday, December 26, 2008

Impact Tip - You made the difference!

For our last impact tip of the year, I wanted to show how our new 2008 Vrai brides helped to make a difference in the world. Together we raised $3000 for Environmental Defense, Greg Christian Organic School Project, The Nature Conservancy-Illinois Chapter, and Heifer International.

We didn't have that many openings for this year since we just started the program. I think next year we can triple this amount! I am so proud to work with people who value their impact on the community and want to take those extra steps with me to make a difference. These are great projects that stretch across borders, across political barriers, across cultures, to the basic element of life. All life is important and as you start your new life, what a better way to make a commitment to someone you love, then to share that blessing with other human and non-human lives around the world.

Thank you for sharing this mission with us and encouraging us to blend passions and art to bring you truly unique coverage on your wedding day!

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