Thursday, November 20, 2008

Impact Tip - Green caterer

I know I have mentioned Greg Christian before but I went to one of their Green Catering Challenges last night at the Ivy Room and it was a real treat! They are Chicago's first zero waste kitchen which they were able to get fully into place this year. Zero waste means that all materials, packaging, food waste, everything is either recycled or composted with the help of Chicago's Resource Center.

The Green catering challenge is a fun way for people to compete with the help of Greg's chefs for the fastest green meal with no waste. I think this is a great way to demonstrate how cooking green doesn't have to take longer or be more complicated.

I am happy to be working with them for a couple weddings next year and really encourage all my brides getting married at locations where they need their own catering to check out Greg Christian Catering. They are a fun and eclectic staff that will be sure to meet your needs and do it without waste! That is a gift to yourself and your guests!

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Stan Hansen said...

Tina - Awesome! That last picture is just awesome