Thursday, May 1, 2008

Impact Tip - Eggs, eggs and more eggs

While staying with my friend Lauren, I learned about a new way to get the freshest eggs possible...raise the chickens at your home and get all the free eggs you can handle. They got their chickens about a month ago and they will be ready to produce eggs at 20 weeks old. They are quiet and adorable and fun for the kids.

Some of the benefits of having your own chickens are:

1. Low maintenance and cheap pets
2. Great tasting, and good for you eggs
3. Organic, chemical free pest control: they love to eat the insects we don't love so much :)
4. Free fertilizer
5. Give a hen a better life, free from the cages

There is more information here!

You may need a permit depending on where you live so check your local laws.

Here are some pictures of Oliver and his chicks...

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Jay said...

You never seem to stop working. Cute pictures, great idea! I wish I could have chickens and fresh eggs.