Saturday, February 2, 2008

Launch Party and a Blizzard....

Months ago I decided that in January, after the holiday rush, I would have a launch party to get people in the wedding industry acquainted with my new company Vrai and its vision and style! Of course I wasn't expecting a blizzard...this did affect the turnout but not the fun. I have the most amazing friends and despite the weather many of us were able to enjoy the amazing food and fun atmosphere of the party. The party was at FlatFile Gallery in Chicago and it was catered by Greg Christian who did an amazing job as usual. Kelly from Fleur provided the uncut, seasonal florals and did a fantastic job as well! Drew Fortson provided the entertainment and he was a huge hit! It was a great time and since half the guests couldn't come, I might just do it again in the spring :)

Here are some pictures of the party and the wonderful guests that braved the horrible weather to be there. Thank you to all of you!

A few pics of the flowers, the space, and the food!

A few photographers: Glen Abog, David Wittig, Amanda Hein, me and Nancy Beale

The girls from Dolce Studio in Minnesota with their spouses

Dave from Couture Books was kind enough to come from California and wow us with their amazing new album line.

The fabulous Drew Fortson came in from St. Louis, MO

Some more amazing photographers: Rachel from LaCour, Bob and Dawn Davis, Erin from LaCour and Dave and Nancy, and me

The LaCour girls, me and Emilie from Emilie Inc in Maine

Another local group: Chad and Michelle from Husar Photography, me and my husband Brian, Molly and Amanda Hein

Gotta add Kmo in there!

My dad and step mom :)

My mom, Becca and Mark from Wirken Photography in Kansas City, me and Heather from Rusty Dog Films!

Lillian and Ray from SmartBride TV (coming soon!) and Bob and Dawn Davis and me

Me and Greg Christian :)

And last but not least, me and Kelly from Fleur

The whole photographer group

Special thanks to Sonia Roselli and Christina Stylist who I didn't get pictures of but were so nice to make it out!

We missed everyone who couldn't make it and thanks so much for the ones that did, it was a great time!


LaCour said...

It was such a beautiful evening! You threw quite the party. Thanks so much for having us, Tina. Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas later this month! ~ Erin

eric said...

oh MAN it looks so amazing out there, Tina! I'm so bummed I couldn't make it out. I'm so excited to see all the amazing things happening out there. You're an inspiration to me and I'm sure a plethora of other.

keep it up.


Mark Adams | LaCour said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could've been there, too, but I'm glad that Erin and Rachel made it! I vote for having another party in the Spring!!

nancy said...

what a great party!! i'm in for another one in the spring!!! love the pics - you're gonna have to send me some of those ;)

oscar+kartika said...

The party looked awesome!! I'm very sorry I couldn't make it! Here's to an amazing future at Vrai! ^_^ Blessings!

emilie inc. said...

Had a blast! Thanks so much Tina! It was great to see you and meet many of your friends. And thanks to you and Brian for being such gracious hosts and having me stay at your house. Hard to believe that I spent more time traveling to/from Chicago than I actually did in Chicago! But it was totally worth it! See you and Molly in a few weeks in Texas! Hugs!

J Sandifer said...

Looks like a great time! I had many texts more the folks that were there saying so :)

I am with Mark...another party in the spring!! Maybe here in ME though :)

Kristina said...

I am so glad for everyone that came and bummed for the ones I missed...You never know with me, if everyone wants a party, I might just do it ;) But in Maine...well, I will tell you what, you have a party and I will be there! :)

becca said...

we love you tina! Thanks for hosting us for such a fun weekend. I had a ball meeting all of the wonderful friends in your life. Can't wait for Foundation in a few weeks!

The Storyteller said...


Like Eric I am so bummed not to have been there. I wish I was there to support you like all your great friends. Love the new site!!!!!

chenin said...

Looks awesome! Wish we could have been there! So proud of you!

Dolce said...

We had a wonderful time! Well done!! Another party? My vote is yes! ~Kristi

Kristina said...

Thank you!! You all are just so wonderful in my book ;)

The H's said...

KC, this looks like it was a great way to kick off the new vision. I especially love the second picture of the chesse...not that one of our pics is in the background, but that if I was there, I would have eaten the whole plate of that chesse in my pregnant state! haha. hope all is well...much love.

kristen (and john!)

Ray said...


Sorry I couldn't be there. Everything looked fabulous. Congrats again on your new identity!