Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Molly Grace shoots Kelly & Rob

I so enjoyed spending a bit of my Saturday with Kelly and Rob this last weekend. First of all, I love how calm and cool they are, I love how personal they are too. I love that I have no idea how they got engaged either. I ask all my couples that, because I want to be there, I want to get to know their story, I want to get to know who they are together. When I asked Saturday for them to remind me, I heard that actually I hadn't forgotten as I thought I might have, I heard that actually no one knew, that they decided to keep that moment between them. I think that that is so neat. What a rare and perfect moment to just keep intimately safe between each other, you know. Today, I admit, I snuck a glimpse at Oprah and she was interviewing Ted Kennedy's wife, Vickie, and Oprah just plainly asked, "What were his last words to you before he died?" Vickie, thought about it, and said, " You know, I think I'm just gonna keep that to myself." I was proud of her, and I am proud of them. The reason I always ask my couples that question is to really get deep and to begin to understand them as the couple they are, so that I can portray them as they are, in a true way, and what I found was truly amazing to me. I found a love and admiration so big between the two of them, that that, was enough... I found within them a moment so intimate that no amount of retelling would ever do it justice. It's awesome to sit and imagine their sacred moment. I think that bit of curiosity will inspire me for their day!

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