Thursday, February 5, 2009

Impact Tip - Biodegradable vases and replantable flowers

I found some time to sneak away and post my weekly impact tip. This is great for upcoming valentine's day or your wedding! Check out Ideal Favors for these ideas.

Guys or gals...if you are going to give some flowers, why not say you care about your sweetheart and the environment and get her some flowers that will last as well as a holder that will not take up space in storage or cheap plastic that will just get thrown away.

These are perfect for wedding centerpieces too! People can take them home which will make them even more eco-friendly. Your florist can work with these and use uncut flowers for your day.


David Lindner said...

Thanks for the tip on the vases, that's cool. They look pretty good in photographs too.

Christina said...

Kristina you come up with such great ideas. You've inspired me to start thinking more ecologically! Where do you find all these great things?