Thursday, October 16, 2008

Impact Tip - Being a responsible wedding guest

This Sat I get to go to a wedding, not shoot a wedding, which is quite unusual but very exciting. Now I can stalk someone else and analyze if they are doing a good job for my friend....of course I will not do that! haha But on a serious note, I am going to Seattle for this wedding. I did not pick the location and I wouldn't miss it but it is a lot of energy to get me there so I realized that this is something that a lot of people who attend weddings deal with all the time. In fact, some photographers travel a great deal to shoot their weddings so they would benefit from this tip as well.

If you are a guest at an out of town wedding, carbon offset your flight and travel in eco-style! It's only between $10-$15 so even the economy is not a good excuse why not to do this! You can even make a note of it on their gift, that you made an effort to reduce your impact as a result of having to travel to their wedding, which you wouldn't want to miss!

Terrapass is a easy to use site that helps you to buy off some of that carbon, like shedding pounds, it just feels good! :)

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